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    Just RELAX!

    One of those days.

    One of those days when my thoughts have a life of their own, a power (which I invested) which seems overwhelming.

    My thoughts are only dangerous when I believe them.
    And yesterday and today I am believing them. Tight mind, tight body. The rut.

    I am lucky, I have a job where I teach movement. Where I teach about breathing. About awareness. Awareness of tension in the body and awareness of the mind. Which means that when I get stuck in my rut, I get to teach, and practice, and learn, and teach, and practice and learn ad infinitum….

    So this morning, full into my rut, I read this during class:
    Kurma: the 7 Secrets of the Turtle
    The First Step: Relax the Body

    blog1-just-relax1Of course the body and mind are not really separated from each other, they form a unity. Psychological calmness will automatically lead to a more relaxed body. Just as conscious relaxation of the body can create more calmness in the mind. Experience shows that it can be easier to relax the body; tight muscles can often be released easier than psychological barriers…

    When Kurma reached the foot of the stony mountain, she met Sindu, the donkey, who was standing dead still between the rocks and who complained: “Ach, Kurma, dear, wise Kurma, this morning I left to climb the mountain of the Heavenly Delight and now here I am, still at the bottom and I cannot go further. I think that I am getting old, my legs are so stiff and my back hurts so much I can hardly walk. Or maybe it is because the mountain is so damn high and steep and the climb is so terribly tiring”.
    Kurma answered, “Sure, maybe it is these things, but maybe it is because you have never learnt to ‘release the tension from your body’. Whoever learns to release the tightness and pain from their body, will become strong and flexible, even if they are wearing armor on their back….”

    Practice: Tighten all of your muscles, keep breathing and keep tightening, feel how it is to hold this tension for about 30 seconds. Then release with an exhalation and feel. Repeat a couple of times.

    Then, tighten all of your muscles and think of something that is bothering you, a problem you have and hold on to those thoughts, together with the tension in your body, for about 30 seconds. Feel how it is to hold on to your thoughts, the tension in the body, the tension in the mind. Then make a decision – even if it is only for 30 seconds, to release the thoughts and the tension in your body with an exhalation. Feel how that is. To let go; even if it is only for a moment.

    Choose whatever situation you like better.

    To hold on to control; to hold on to tension; to believe the thoughts.

    To release; to relax; to question the thoughts – is that so?
    Even if it is for a moment.

    How does it feel?

    I know that I am feeling a lot more relaxed, I also know that my dog does not have any of these issues. He does not believe my thoughts!
    Thanks for the walk mate.