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    Sub-occipital release

    Use a yoga block or a book and place it so that the mid-skull will rest on it. Start by lengthening your neck,
    visualising the sub-occipital muscles releasing, the weight of your head rests in your hands. You can take a few minutes feeling this release before lowering your head. Remember to close and relax your eyes.


    Do Not lie down like this. See how the lower ribs are sticking up? This is creating more tension in the mid and lower back. If you see/feel this, then place a block or small rolled up towel under your pelvis so that your lower back and ribs fall back towards the floor – see the next photo.



    Do lie like this, see how the knees are bent, pelvis is elevated, ribs are down and the back of the neck is long? This will start to release the tension in the back of the neck. Again, focus on the edge of the skull, focus on these muscles releasing and the chin dropping. You can hang out here for 5-15 minutes. Breathing, relaxing, renewing. It can also be very helpful to place your hands over your eyes, with your elbows together. This will assist your eyes to release their tension, which will also relax your neck.

    BONUS, do this release at your work – you can even do it sitting in your chair. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed and allow your chin to fall towards your breastbone. Again, focus on the sub-occipital muscles.

    These are GREAT movements to be done after a day’s work, instead of laying on the couch, take some floor time. You will feel WONDERFUL in just a few minutes.

    And in daily life, start relaxing your chin down and lengthening the back of the neck. Correcting from the first foto (forward head often coupled with an open mouth) to a head ramp: dropping the chin and sliding the head back and up.

    BONUS start placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth, let this become its new home. Just getting your tongue up against your palate will be supporting your neck, hyoid, airway and nose breathing. Now that is cool. Because that is something super easy to be practicing daily. Can you keep your tongue up there? With your lips sealed, a slight space between your teeth and all the while breathing soundlessly through your nose?