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    Plugging back into Inner Power

    The silent EYE within the great moving storm
    This is an excellent description of what the Wim Hof Method means to me at this time. Apart from all the other benefits, like increasing the flexibility of the cardiovascular and immune systems and the stress response, better mood and grounding. Becoming ever more sensitive to what is occurring in my body and being ever beter able to use my mind as the tool it is… The real gift for me right now is recognising the silent EYE that is always present in this great shifting storm of life.

    To step into the water, at 0,2 degrees celsius and choose to relax and observe. Instead of allowing panicky breathing, negativity, physical and mental resistance to take over, to sink in and BREATHE, slow and deep. The silent EYE observing the thoughts, the physical responses and shifting emotions, simply being present to what is.  It really can be this simple to plug back into your own inner power.

    Interested? Start easy, start with a 30 day cold shower challenge.
    Week 1 – end with 30 seconds cold water.
    Week 2 – end with 45 seconds cold water.
    Week 3 – end with 1 minute cold water.
    Week 4 – only cold.