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    Stretching the backs of the legs

    How to avoid droopy der·ri·ère syndrome day 2

    Start to stretch the backs of your legs. Here I have a 1/2 dome under the balls of my feet, heels on the floor. You can use a rolled up towel, a couple of books, a curb, whatever… The weight stays in the heels, legs fully extended and the forward bend occurs at the HIP joint! This means you back your butt up as far as possible and only bend forward as far as your pelvis can tilt forward. No round backs!

    If the backs of the legs are tight, the hips are unable to hing fully. This means the pelvis will be prevented from moving around the hip socket and and the back will round up. Bending at the spine instead of the hips. Regaining the balance in our legs, of length and strength will restore hip mobility and support the spine. So, if your back is rounding up before you hit a 90 degree angle, this is good info. You know where you are at. Do this more, move more and feel / observe the changes that will occur. Daily.

    A nice movement break could be the quad stretch / back of legs stretch every time you think of it. Sprinkle them throughout the day. The more movement in these areas, the faster the change. If your really keen, you could calf stretch on one side while doing the quad on the other. Play with your balance 🙂