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    The family neck

    My elderly aunt once told me how difficult it was to find pants that fit, ie, a pair  ‘without a butt and with a belly’. I had to laugh at her description but the fact of the matter is that dwindling buttocks is no longer just an issue for the elderly. This lack of a


    For those who have not yet seen  Chocolat, this would be one of my film tips before Christmas. To realise the effect of pouring heart and soul into the food we make for our loved ones, for our strangers, for all of our life. And for those of you who came to class this past week, here follows

    Meditatie voor beginners

    At yoga2go we have just finished a 5 week introduction into meditation. The following is for the participants as a re-mind-er of what we practiced and why we truly want to practice. And for those of you who have not participated and are interested, I invite you to re-mind yourself about why you may want