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    Sub-occipital release

    Use a yoga block or a book and place it so that the mid-skull will rest on it. Start by lengthening your neck, visualising the sub-occipital muscles releasing, the weight of your head rests in your hands. You can take a few minutes feeling this release before lowering your head. Remember to close and relax your

    The family neck

    My elderly aunt once told me how difficult it was to find pants that fit, ie, a pair  ‘without a butt and with a belly’. I had to laugh at her description but the fact of the matter is that dwindling buttocks is no longer just an issue for the elderly. This lack of a

    Chicken wings

    4 years ago… Today…. Spot the diff. What’s the diff? Less Chicken Wings! More scapula stabilisation = better muscle innervation (more muscle plugged back into my brain), increased coordination and proprioception (awareness of where the back of my body is in this world), increased spinal balance (less neck tension and clearer thinking) and shoulder balance (increased