Critical Alignment Yoga & Resistance Stretching

Active Stretching – stretch your BODY stretch your MIND.

In deze lessen gebruiken we de principes van Critical Alignment Yoga samen met Resistance Flexibility. Door te strekken met weerstand veranderen we snel de kwaliteit van het bindweefsel. Dit samen met de tools en principes van CAY, geeft weer vrijheid, stabiliteit en souplesse terug waar het nodig is. Kom en ervaar!

Releasing Trauma

With resistance stretching we work with our body’s natural resistance and often with partners, to get ever deeper changes in the fascial system. It is in our fascia that our traumas get held, life experiences that were overwhelming and which created a contraction or ‘holding on to’ that could not release completely.
Definition of trauma 1. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience and 2. a physical injury; in other words any time our nervous system is overwhelmed. This, we have all experienced, was it the first day of school, falling out of a tree, being yelled at, breaking bones or losing a loved one. These days, the fact that many of us are sitting for 8 hours plus per day is also overwhelming for our physical bodies and staying in a situation that is out of alignment with our truth (job / relationship) can become a huge stressor. When we have enough of these experiences, our system generates higher levels of (physical) tension and (nervous system) arousal. And so we get ever more ‘stuck’ and this stickiness gets held in our tissue. The connective tissue adapts, shrinking and tightening and our energy stagnates. We become ever more susceptible to illness, stiffness, feeling ‘off’ and this we call aging. With Resistance Stretching we get to release the fascia, our energy starts moving again and this positively affects our muscles, organs, energy, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Because it is all one System! and it is truly amazing to experience just how rapidly we can change.

Since 2019 I have attended the Levels 1 to IV of the Certification process at the Genius in Flexibility Centre in Santa Barbara. It is my passion to continue learning from Bob and his elite trainers and to share what I learn with you!

I have been inspired by the work of Bob Cooley (Genius in Flexiblity), Kåre Landfald (Zen Coaching), Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement), Wim Hof (wimhofmethod), Donna Farhi, Gert van Leeuwen (Critical Alignment Therapy) and many more fantastic teachers, it is my honour and pleasure to share these powerful, life changing movement / inquiry classes with YOU!

And for some home inspiration, here is a bunch of movements you can practice 🙂

1.45 shoulders

5.56 squat preparation for hips and lower back

5.34 Ontspan je bovenbenen! (nederlands)

1.27 Relax you’re quads!

4.44 Lateral hip

3.39 rhomboid push up

3.05 hanging

11.56 release the thoracic spine

2.47 move your feet at work

1.22 squatting with your door

5.36 relax your feet