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    6 week journey into Self Leadership with Internal Family Systems and Satsang


    Van 14 tot 17

    We are very excited to be offering this 6 week journey into Self Leadership through a combination of movement, Internal Family Systems and Satsang.

    We cannot deny that there is A LOT happening in our world these days. That we are at a pivotal point in many areas, climate, health and relationships. This realisation can create a massive disconnect, a feeling of being helpless and alone. One of the biggest signs of trauma is the feeling of separation. This feeling of separation creates the polarisations that we are now witnessing in the world and, most likely, in ourselves. As within, so without. 

    If you are interested in becoming a part of the collective healing that is so necessary we invite you to join us. Because personal healing is a part of the collective healing. Ending the internal war, is a part of ending the external war.
    "There are no winners in war" - Neville Chamberline.

    We are offering a 6 week deep dive into Self awareness, Self leadership, Self compassion. No longer putting a positivity layer on those parts of us that are suffering, no longer pushing away those parts of us that need attention. We are offering true connection with Self, that in us that is Divine. That in us that is truly connected with all of life. 

    And we are delighted to invite you to join us.
    This journey will be in (d)english - dutch and english...
    If you are still reading this, you are the ones we are inviting! Read on...

    Internal Family Systems honours that the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing!  Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to allow us to become integrated and whole. In IFS all our parts are welcome.

    IFS is a new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonizing the mind and, thereby, larger human systems. One that can help people heal and helps the world become a more compassionate place. 

    Satsang: sat' means true and 'sangha' means community. Satsang, an offering of true community healing.

    Sunday 24 and 31 January and 7 February
    Saturday 13 February
    Sunday 21 and 28 February 
    from 14 to 17

    Maximum 10 people 

    Week 1: Introduction to the Internal Family with Lucie

    When we understand that multiplicity is our natural state our entire life transforms. Instead of me being in conflict with me, I gain space to see that parts of me are in conflict with other parts of me. When this space is experienced the opportunity arises that my parts can separate so that I may be with them with curiosity and compassion. Through this very subtle and incredibly deep shift from 'me' to 'a part of me', deep healing and transformation becomes a reality. During this session we will be separating out our parts from our Self through movement, inquiry and creativity.

    Week 2: Satsang Powerful Vulnerability with Sarabraj
    What does vulnerability mean to you? Do you know your ways of numbing yourself? Are emotions really that scary? How many times, are you really present in them and see them for good? What do you do to run away from them? How many defense mechanisms of the mind you use to protect you from pain? How much energy is involved in this process? How does this trauma resistance influence the creative flow? Do you know the world of trauma and its effects on the mind and body? How does it feel once you fully surrender to the pain and stop resisting? How important it is to be in the loving presence of another human Being in the realm of vulnerability? What does it mean to be a vulnerable listener? And how do you percieve openess?
    On this profoundly aware session will cover these topics and many more that you might need in these vulnerable times.  Sarabraj will guide us to inner spaces we might never have sensed before, help us expand the mind as far as it will be willing to go and lovingly embrace our wounded hearts.
    You are kindly invited to send a question on the matter to: Sarabraj will pick some of them and give us some more perspective on the matter.

    Week 3: Getting to know our protectors with Lucie
    Can you remember the last time you were scared? What were your reactions? How did you deal with your fear? Everybody reacts in their own unique way to challenging circumstances and emotions depending upon what was learnt and successful as children. Our coping mechanisms are tasks carried out by our protectors. These are the parts of us that protect our very vulnerable younger selfs. As children emotions such as shame were unbearable, our protectors then stepped in to push those experiences away by getting angry or becoming overly nice and helpful or by shutting down, etc. This was necessary when we were kids because it was our only way of coping. Now, as adults, these same energy patterns are still playing out. And they will continue to until we get to know our protectors. Befriending them, understanding them and helping them out. Only when our protectors are in a trusting relationship with our Self is there a possibility for us to go and retrieve our wounded younger parts. During this session we will be having a lot of fun getting to know our protectors. It is such a relief to experience those parts of ourselves who have been so misunderstood and oftentimes rejected (how do you relate to your 'inner critic'?). Today we take a very big step towards inner peace. Holding ourselves lightly and tenderly.

    Week 4: Satsang Who Am I? with Sarabraj 
    Once we have a powerful insight into the thought-matrix that generates our inner emotional mapping, we will be ready to go further. What are we, if we are not only the thoughts, emotions, perceptions, fears, thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow? What AM I? Beyond the word I that confines us into the mind. What happens if we remove the I from the equation, and we allow the beingness? Will we collapse? Or will the illusion retreat into its source and will we be ready to co-create with life? How does it feel to be in the Self leadership? What or where is the Self? What is the relationship between the Self and the Mind?

    Week 5: Deepening Self to Part relationship with Lucie
    Today we deepen our practice of unblending with compassion and courage. Of deepening our Self to part relationships through curiosity and clarity. Recognising that we are blended with a part is the first step to creating space. Stepping out of reactivity and into presence is the place where a new possibility may arise. Understanding how our internal family system is ALWAYS doing its' very best for us. Understanding that the intention of our parts is ALWAYS beautiful, even though the impact of what they do can be very challenging and painful. To truly see that the burdens of difficult emotions and negative beliefs that they carry is not who they truly are. We learn to see our own, and our part's essence. This is a deeply spiritual journey back into Self Leadership. Today we play along the spectrum of Self awareness / Self leadership. During this session we will become ever more clear on what it is to be Self led. Through movement and creativity we will inquire and have fun with Self leadership that is deeply compassionate, spacious, courageous and can also be playful and light. And so we start to dance with our parts and life from our Source of Self. 

    Week 6: Remembering the Healing Vibration of Love with Sarabraj
    In this module we will play. Are you aware how powerful it is in the world of healing our hearts the vibration of play and loving connection? Will give space to our inner divine child and connect. It will be a time of connected love. We will co-create a space where YOU can Be whatever you were meant to be, and we can hardly wait to see your unique sparkle. The world is waiting for it! 

    Sarabraj is a passionate teacher with many years of experiences in the limitless world of the Self and its manifestation into the body and mind. She has had her fair share of life experiences and belongs to the new stream of mentors into the Self that promote the powerful union of »as above so below«. With that is meant that her knowing of awareness can be translated into a very practical way to make one's life more joyful, complete and above all authentic. She is a Kundalini & Mindfulness teacher and coach, Heart&Soul healer and author of a bestseller book »Vulnerable«. 

    Lucie has been passionately studying and sharing the many facets of Being Human through massage, yoga, meditation, diverse modalities of movement education, trauma healing, coaching, inquiry, family constellations, cold training, breath-work and Internal Family Systems. Her main focus now is teaching and sharing Self Leadership through Somatic (embodied) Internal Family Systems in private sessions and group work.


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